I hate that I unconsciously wrap myself in a burrito while I sleep. Ill wake up and try to get out of my bed but I won’t be able to move because I’m wrapped so tightly. Wtf brain?
Tajana Kovacevic
Division and  28th underwater

Division and  28th underwater

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“What Schizophrenia Sounds Like”

For the last couple of weeks I have been looking up information about the mental illness, schizophrenia for a research project for my psychology class. During my research I found an interesting project that some scientists had put together called, “What Schizophrenia Sounds Like.” After interviewing many people with this illness the scientists compiled a short clip of what a schizophrenic might hear during an episode, or just day to day.

use earphones. this is mind-blowing.

honestly one of the most terrifying things I have ever listened to

oh my fucking god
bone chillin

That’s so fucking scary!

I love this

I’m literally crying right now

Craziest scariest most amazing thing I’ve heard

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Stories told of our love will NEVER die
I’m not perfect, but I SWEAR I’m perfect for you.
Now I’m no angel
I’m just me…
But I will love you ENDLESSLY!
Wings aren’t what you need… You need me <3